Life Coach

G anesh credits his success in business to meditation practices, which has helped him channel his energies even at the most trying times. He volunteers with The Soul Science Foundation to bring meditation and life skills education to children in different parts of the world.

His recently formed enterprise, The Aha Movement, takes it another step forward with holistic growth that creates abundance, peace and happiness in everyday living.

The Aha Movement’s offerings include workshops, courses, coaching and consulting for companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, families, schools and institutions. The Aha Movement is a co-creation of individuals who have experienced inner peace and outer abundance through applied spiritual practices and principles.

Ganesh along with Dr. Preeti Kohli, director and life coach at Aha, together conduct wellness and healing workshops across countries to help individual’s realise their true potential.

Ganesh’s Story

While Ganesh was very successful with his entrepreneurial ventures from 1997 to 2006, a big shift began to happen from him in 2006, when he began meditating. His work started to expand rapidly and he experienced more inner silence. In 2013, Ganesh took a quantum leap with his meditation and mindfulness practice, training with Dr. Newton Kondaveti and Dr. Lakshmi Newton in different therapeutic modalities such as inner child work, family constellation and transgenerational healing, rebirthing breathwork, among others.

Ganesh moved from focussing on just changing the outside world to changing from within. As his practice increased, he began to see more abundance, purpose and meaning in his life. In 2015, Ganesh co-founded The Aha Movement (an organisation dedicated to life coaching) with wife Dr. Preeti, with a goal to bring inner peace and outer abundance in the lives of entrepreneurs, teachers and others.

As a life coach with The Aha Movement, Ganesh has profoundly impacted over 1000 lives through workshops, coaching sessions, meditations and seminars/webinars. Ganesh attributes his work in the area of well-being to the guidance of his wife, who led him onto this path.