G anesh Kohli’s business acumen and expertise has led him to set up multiple organizations including KIC Education, KIC UnivAssist, The Aha Movement, and the IC3 Movement. To foster growth and sustainability in businesses, Ganesh feels that ...

“It is imperative to grow the happiness and peace quotient within ourselves. As we become more joyous and align the mission and vision of our organization with our personal passion, we become a magnet for abundance.”

Key highlights:

  • Founded KIC in 1997 to pursue his passion for teaching and mentoring/counseling
  • Co-founded KIC UnivAssist in 2010
  • Co-founded The Aha Movement in 2016
  • Founded the IC3 Movement to realize the vision of transformative counseling and advising
  • Set up the IC3 Institute charity to facilitate the objective of training a 100,000 counselors in the next 15 years

Ganesh's Story

Ganesh’s journey as an entrepreneur began simultaneously with his teaching and counseling journey in 1997. While Ganesh’s love was academics, he was compelled to be an entrepreneur at the same time. His intent was to pursue a Master’s and PhD in the U.S. and become a faculty at an engineering school, but he chose to remain in India with his aging parents through their health issues. Through this extended experience in India, he found that overall teachers were not being respected and often did not make enough money to support their families.

Ganesh’s guiding principle was to focus on service, and students kept coming to study with him as a direct result of the quality of his work. Ganesh often talks about the “cat and it’s tail” story with entrepreneurs in his workshops, which is an allegory showing that revenue follows quality work, and abundance follows service. Through personal and professional challenges, Ganesh remained relentless and did not give up in his entrepreneurial efforts. At times he felt helpless, thinking that a formal business education would help him to better succeed. Overcoming challenges, he began to see great results in 2003 – he often attributes this success to his wife, who he married the same year. From his wife, Ganesh learnt the virtues of calmness, patience and unconditional love which proved tremendously valuable in his entrepreneurial journey. To this day, his wife remains his guide and mentor in difficult situations.

In 2006, Ganesh began meditating and to his surprise, his businesses took a quantum leap after this. He realised that the more he felt peace, the more the business grew. He went on to use many of his experiences through these years as the foundation pillars for his life coaching avatar.

A pivotal moment came in 2013, when Ganesh pulled back from his entrepreneurial journey to focus on projects that would have a social impact. He kept his entrepreneurial spirit in each of these projects: The Aha Movement (2016) to bring meditation and mindfulness in everyday living, and the IC3 Movement (2015) to bring career and college counseling to every school. Both of these efforts have been incredibly successful owing to his learnings through those initial 18 years.

Though Ganesh has systematically and substantially vested his businesses, he has never sold any business. He believed in having his colleagues and employees run a business as owners. Ganesh’s entrepreneurial mantra was to create co-ownership with his employees. He is responsible for many former employees becoming entrepreneurs themselves, which has brought him great satisfaction.