G anesh is passionate about career counseling, and has been closely involved in helping students choose careers that match their skills and aspirations. He conceptualized and launched the IC3 Movement that aims to build a community of skilled education and career counselors who will in turn positively impact the lives of many students.

  • Launched the Annual IC3 Conference in 2016
  • Launched the IC3 Regional Forums in early 2017
  • Incorporated the Global Counselor Tour programs in KIC UnivAssist’s offerings
  • Launched the IC3 Institute in 2018 to train counselors. The first cohort successfully graduated in 2019 and the institute currently has the second cohort undergoing training
  • Established the Signature Program with Ganesh Kohli in 2020, a one-year certificate training program in career and college counseling for university representatives and independent counselors

Ganesh’s Story

Ganesh began counseling students and families in 1997. His initial focus was on engineering graduates seeking Master’s and PhD programs in the United States. Subsequently he gained expertise on undergraduate programs and counseling with help from Greer Firestone, a veteran counselor in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. By 1999, Ganesh (himself an engineer) had become a popular counselor among engineers seeking graduate degrees in the U.S.

His work grew from counseling 22 students in 1997 to advising 300+ students in 2000. By 2003, Ganesh had become a champion counselor for over 20+ graduate programs from engineering, biological sciences and public health to psychology, design and architecture. Since 2003, Ganesh began to see a significant increase in the volume of high school students seeking quality international education, and advised a selected cohort of 50 high school students annually from 2004 onward.

After 17 years of counseling over 4000 students, Ganesh finally stopped advising individual students in 2014. Beyond this point, he chose to focus on training counselors and elevating the profession through the IC3 Movement. He founded the IC3 Institute in 2018 as a volunteer effort to offer free education to school-based counselors, in collaboration with Ashoka University, Ahmedabad University, Shiv Nadar University and OP Jindal Global University. Ganesh continues to mentor and teach the cohorts at the IC3 Institute and is widely considered the “guru” by many counselors.

Over the years, Ganesh pioneered and refined “The Counseling Laboratory” pedagogy and related ideas such as the L2 Concept, The Harry Potter effect, among others. In 2013, as co-founder of KIC UnivAssist, Ganesh began leading Indian counselor group tours to the U.S. to train counselors on U.S. education. Since 2013, these annual two-week UnivAssist counselor tours have trained 172+ counselors from 23+ countries, and have visited 41+ U.S. universities across 19+ U.S. states.

"Mr. Ganesh Kohli is one of the most influential individuals in my life. And by that, I mean besides my parents, he is one of the very few people who have had a direct positive impact on my life and is hugely responsible for who I am today. It is due to his invaluable guidance and support, that I am living a dream that I nurtured since I wrote my first computer program in the sixth grade. I am a software engineer at Microsoft at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Today I work on the problems that I dreamt about working on, with the people that I dreamt about working with."
- Garima Singh